FAQ's, Registrants, etc...

Please send any race questions not answered below to the RD, Zack at: zsj@outrunohio.com

Aid Station:
  • What food/beverages will be at the AID STATION? There is only ONE aid station and it is well stocked. Please plan your OWN nutrition and supplement as needed with the aid station. 
    • We will have various items such as: Water, Gatorade, cookies, salty pretzels, peanut butter filled pretzels, potato chips, Coke, Mtn.Dew, Ginger Ale, fruit (watermelon, bananas), coffee, trail mix, M&Ms, ramen noodles, pizza, peanut butter & jelly, grilled cheese, & pancakes w/syrup, etc.  
  • Is the aid station vegan friendly? We are friendly to all people even when you're crabby, but if you have specific dietary needs or food allergens, we strongly suggest that you bring what you need.
  • If I want to use my car as an aid station, can I? Yep, the parking lot is adjacent to the start/finish/aid station. Depending on how good of a spot you get, you can be next to part of the route. You may also setup tents/tables/etc...along the course in designated areas on the route for the closest option. Lastly, if weather is an issue....you may utilize the ski lodge that we have reserved since you will literally run within a few feet of it each lap. If you leave the course to get to your car, you must re-enter the same spot.
Awards/Raffle Items:
  • If I run 99 miles do I get a buckle? No. Do the extra mile.
  • In 2023 medals have been updated to be distance agnostic. You will earn a custom FINISHER's medal regardless of the distance.  
  • Everyone receives a custom item (20oz. tumbler) and a webstore will be available for additional items/cost. 

Course / Park Rules / Rules / Refunds
  • Can I run the course in reverse or alternate directions? No. Don't confuse us or the other runners. The only people running in reverse should be race volunteers. 
  • Originally (2011) the description said 1.25 mi, now it says 1mi. This is a true rumor. The extra .25mi was not ideal, plus it had a pretty good hill that you are glad I am taking out.The course has been USATF certified and will not change for 8 more years.
  • Will the park be closed to the public? No, the park will remain open to the public but the course will be clearly marked to let people be aware of exhausted and irrational runners. 
  • Can I wear road shoes? Sure can. You can wear dress shoes, no shoes, or bunny slippers too (it's happened).The trail is packed limestone/gravel...you do not need aggressive tread unless we have a freak ice storm in April. Some runners utilize light gaiters to keep the small gravel out. 
  • Is the course USATF certified? Yes, the COURSE was certified as 1.002445 mi (~1 mi and 13 feet) with about a 65' vertical gain and loss per lap. (USATF # OH11035MW).
  • What is the trail surface? 93% of the trail is crushed limestone well maintained by the Lake Metro Parks. The rest of the course is asphalt (across parking lot).In previous races, the LMP added a fresh layer of limestone just before the race so you could get more in between your socks and feet.
  • Can USATF certify a trail course? Yes, the USATF representative stated that since the course takes place on a trail that is crushed gravel with defined edges, they can certify it. It essentially meets the criteria as a gravel road. It has also been IAU Bronze Labeled
  • Will partial laps count to the total distance credited, or full laps only? If full laps are counted, how is the finish order determined in the case of a tie? Distances and placements will be based on the most amount of completed laps in the least amount of time. In the event of a tie, the time will determine the place.
  • Can I use a pacer? If you feel that you need a pacer, I will allow a pacer per individual runner starting after 4:00pm (unless the course gets too crowded). Pacers can not interfere with any other runners nor should pacers end up being race bandits. Pacers should not partake in the aid station. Understand if you choose to use a pacer, you forfeit any potential USATF qualifications. The Race Director & Committee Captain(s) reserves the right to pull pacers due to the amount of runners on the course. If you need a pacer for other reasons, please contact the Race Director. Please no dog pacers. 
  • Are walkers allowed, or is this for runners only? Walkers are welcome, simply extend the trail courtesy to allow runners to pass. Runners should call out if they are passing on the left or right as needed.
  • What is the field limit? 200 runners. 
  • Refund/Transfer Policy: 
    • There are NO REFUNDS unless approved by the race director. Partial refunds may be considered 90 days prior to the event. Contact the RD via email directly. 
    • Transfers or deferrals are not allowed. 
    • If a runner decides to remove themselves prior to the event, the next person on the Ultrasignup waitlist will have the opportunity to that registration. 
    • Email the Race Director at zsj@outrunohio.com with additional questions. 
  • Are you using timing software? Yes, will be timing the event with electronic timing entry. PLEASE NOTE: No timing software is 100% perfect, but we will be as accurate as humanly possible!
  • Will there be a live feed of the runner's results for friends and family to follow online?  We will use MCM timing's page to post result (mcmtiming.com/).
  • Do I have to run all 24 hours? No, run/walk as much as you want/can....You basically have 24 hours to run/walk/crawl anyway you like... You can also start later than 8am, if needed.
  • Will there be someone there to tell runners how many laps they have completed? Yes, the timing team is awesome and can tell you how many laps as well as a visible monitor displaying your laps/distance......however, they are allowed to taunt you as well. They also control the music, so be respectful. We will have a monitor to display to the runner what lap you have just completed. 
Camping / Parking / Hotels:
  • Where are the closest hotels to stay? Click on the hotel/bed icon on the home page. . There are many more options in the area within 20-30mins of the race start.
  • Parking? The parking lot may become full but was not an issue in past years. We'll just have to work with the spots that we have & carpool when possible. The area around the park is residential, so we need to be courteous. The overflow lot will be south on Hobart, West on Rt. 6 and immediately to the right. 
  • Are there RV hookups in the Parking Lot? No. Please be cognizant of parking spots for smaller vehicles. Work with the Race Director or Race committee to find a good spot. 
  • Camping? Yes, you can camp Friday & Saturday night. You may begin setup at noon on Friday, need to be cleaned up and cleared out by Sunday evening. Bathrooms are left open (no showers) overnight, there is access to the fire-pit and pavilion with tables, outlets, & fireplace. We ask that you setup at least 8 feet from the course to avoid crowding and congestion.  


  1. Will there be someone who can tell a runner how many laps he/she has completed if he/she asks?

    Will there be any kind of live feed onto a website so friends/family at home can follow a runner's progress?

    1. ... and so the world can hear your jokes while you are running? ;)

  2. Michael,
    Champs Racing will be timing the race and they will be on-site for the entire event. If we aren't able to have a visible screen, someone can call out your laps at a minimum.

    Also, we do not have a live feed of the results, but we will try to send periodic results to the website. A link will be provided.

  3. Can we camp (sleep in my car) Friday night at the park?